sábado, mayo 06, 2006

off we go

ok, looks like after so much blogreading, so many forums at businessweek.com visited (and contributed :), so many essays, the reference letters and the waiting....i guess the only thing that I was missing was to have my own MBA blog!

So, here I start it. I will chase my thoughts and follow them, about everything and anything. I guess, since now it's time for admissions still (I don't have an admission yet!), that most of them will be MBA-related, but I can't assure you that I will not blog about anything else: travelling, friends, politics, books, or whatever!

Just to give you the scenario: I'm waiting for the confirmation from LBS (that should come next friday at the latest), and I am just about to send my application to INSEAD for the Jan 2007 admission round. On the job side, I just received an offer to go to Shanghai with my company and be an internal consultant there. So, in any case, I will soon be leaving Barcelona, the place I live now with my girlfriend, and my current job, running the Supply Chain of a major home domestic appliance manufacturer.

I'll keep you posted! (hey, i never thought about this sentence in a blog....funny!)


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Welcome to LBS.



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