sábado, junio 03, 2006

fee paid, and 1001 other things to do before moving to London

After some time without posting (even after announcing i'm leaving the job, the stress and workload levels are quite high :), I am back on the blogosphere.

Yesterday I received my fee payment confirmation. Now it's done, I have officially confirmed my attendance. It feels great. I am in. No way back.

The last 3 days I went to Italy to some meetings at my employer's European headquarters. I couldn't help feeling a bit weird there. The last time (in quite some time) having pizza at Della Motta (Premiata Pizzeria, really the best pizza in the world!), the last time meeting with many people with whom I have had to work in the last two years. The last time (for work) in Varese, small provincian town a bit north from Milano.

Apart from all this, I have started compiling a list of the oh-my-God-they're-so-many things to do before leaving Barcelona for London. Here are the main points:

- sell my car
- sell my (our!) furniture
- pack the rest and bring it to Valencia
- post a comment on Angel Angie's blog and thank her for linking my blog (edited: done!)
- arrange some holidays (hey, any hints?? thinking about Greek islands in the beginning of August...)
- go to the dentist and to the oftalmologist
- arrange financials (oh, those scholarships....)
- throw a farewell party in Barcelona :)
- throw a farewell party in Madrid ;)
- throw a farewell party in Valencia ;P
- start researching London's real state market for apartments to let in the LBS area
- work until the end of July (with 1 week holidays 17-24 July)
- catch up with some pre-MBA readings
- visit as many friends as possible
- ............ <----- dear reader: feel free to post any suggestion here

Oh, and of course, keeping this blog updated!!


At 4:14 p. m., Blogger Patxi said...

LBS insiders agree:

- Do photosynthesis: Stay outside and enjoy a little bit of sun, a scarce resource in London ;)



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