sábado, octubre 28, 2006

busy weekend

It is true that the pace of the MBA is in fast-forward mode right now. Even though it's saturday, I have a lot of readings, a bit of studying for the upcoming Econ midterm, and a few assignments still to be finished (among them a very enlightening Finance assignment on the financial performance of Airbus' A380 project).

Of course, it's worse said than done. In reality, the assignments are not that difficult (at least for me, but I've heard that around quite a bit). And they don't really take that long to do. The readings are not (all) mandatory. And the exam is a 20-question multiple choice test, done in half an hour.

So, since we have a guest this weekend, I'll probably join Esther and her in their London sightseeing, and go to Notting Hill for dinner.

I love London....


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