miƩrcoles, octubre 18, 2006

a really long day....

yesterday was a great day, albeit a bit long....here goes my schedule, for you (still) willing to apply to an MBA!!!!

6:30 alarm goes off. I try to stop it frenetically. However, I remember that I gotta get up.

7:00 after getting on my sport shorts and shoes, I get out of the appartment trying not to wake Esther up.

7:15 meet at Regent's Park for Rugby training.

8:25 exhausted, dirty and having been bit by all kind of morning bugs, I head to the gym's showers.

9:00 Finance class. Our Italian professor tries to explain our slow minds how to value bonds. Believe it or not, this takes 3 hours. But it's very interesting...

12:00 run to the cafeteria grab a sandwich, devore it, and head to the library to try to finish my presentation for the afternoon "communication skills" class.

14:00 Global Leadership Development Programme: Skills Development class. We have to practice our presentation skills. Our trainer will record us and give us feedback on pace, body language, eye contact, structure, etc. My Rugby Club presentation is funny and I manage to make people laugh at it.

17:00 class is over for the day. I run home to rest a bit and try to catch up on readings.

18:00 after a short nap, I finish the Managerial Economics case analysis and lay down my strategy for the Strategy case (how redundant can I be?).

20:00 cook dinner for me and Esther. Prepare a Spanish tortilla de patatas for the week.

22:00 make coffee and rush again to the School. The rest of the Spanish gang is there, we are meeting to prepare for the AT Kearney case competition. We analyze the case given to us, and prepare a set of questions to interview the consultants playing the role of the company's management team.

01:00 finish the case and go home. I still check e-mails and go again through the Econ case.

02:00 go to bed and fall almost imediately asleep.

jealous, anyone? I reckon that after this, I was destroyed....and still haven't recovered!