jueves, septiembre 21, 2006

Blogging with Impact

It struck me yesterday while having the 'business communication' course on 'writing with impact', that I actually don't pay much attention to style, structure, or language while blogging.

I guess it's because the immediateness of this great means of communication. Right now, for example, I'm blogging from the quad garden in the School, thanks to the wireless network and my beloved MacBook. Of course, the fact that I just try to 'follow and catch' my own thoughts has a lot to do with the apparent chaos of my posts...and you don't need a NEO personality test to find out where in the order-disorder continuum I fall!

However, the workshop has had quite a possitive impact on me. I remember at work, receiving 50+ emails a day, and all requiring a lot of attention and action. So, from now on, I'll try to stick to the rules of business writing:

  • Keep it as Simple as Possible, but not more Simple than that
  • Structure your thoughts from more to less (inverted pyramid)
  • Think before you Write
  • Edit and Trim: most information you are writing is redundant!
  • Bulletpoints are acceptable!
Besides: You can make use of formatting to enhance IMPACT

I hope this rules will help me gain some efficiency in blogging, so that I'll be able to blog more often then!

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