viernes, septiembre 22, 2006

managing assignments

One week to go before the orientation-september term is over! And still, assignments here and there, to give us a grasp of how it will feel like in 3-4 weeks, when we'll be in the middle of our MBA's first term.

So far:

  • finishing/polishing our CVs (with the London Business School house style), and giving feedback within the Study Groups
  • working on our Personal Development Plans (which "soft" areas we want to improve during the first year
  • reading the first cases for all our next week courses
  • a Business Strategy group assignment, and another personal assignment coming in tomorrow
  • a Business Communications online test

Apart from this, there is already quite a high email volume, a lot of presentations on different MBA competitions (I managed to join one of the consulting case competitions, but there is also a banking deal competition, venture capital competition, social venture competition...), the clubs are starting to be alive now that the 2007 are back, etc, etc.

Moreover, the social scene: I've been already to Oxford with Esther and to Cambridge with my Study Group, done a pub golf with the Rugby team, been to a couple of housewarming parties (and missed quite a few more!), started planning a few trips (skiing in New Year's Eve, Spain with our Stream, etc), and managed to do a bit of jogging, swimming, and rugby training...exhausting!

The bottomline is that the workload (correction: activity load, it's not a job!) is piling up, and there is a lot more to come. So far, I have got the impression that the day is much more productive here than in my previous job (maybe due to so many new things to do and try). However, everybody keeps telling us how stressful is it going to get, how bad it is, that we will break down in the middle of november, etc, etc...

Therefore, I have decided to take very seriously my time planning. All of your tips, dear readers, are welcome. And yes, I already have a PDA...and yes, I hope to manage some time for blogging as well!


At 9:47 p. m., Blogger -tvu said...

You don't ~really~ need sleep? I've tried something new and it's working pretty well so far. Go for a early morning run. Shift your exercise routine to the morning. You'll be de-stress and can start the day w/ a renewed spirit.

Get a PDA Phone. Lessen electronics your carry. It also sync'up w/ mail and schedule. It has saved my ass countless times.

At 8:35 p. m., Blogger karlitos said...

the Rugby club has early morning exercise and training sessions, but I'm not sure I'm prepared for them (yet).

And I guess the next phone I'll get will have calendaring & agenda options so that I can get rid of my PDA.

However, thanks a lot for the advice!

At 12:55 p. m., Blogger jeeny said...

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