martes, agosto 21, 2007

new roof under our heads

So, again moving day!! I completely agree with the statistics that say that moving is the 2nd event that most stresses people out, after changing (losing) your job and before getting a divorce. I guess that it's just another source of worries on top of the usual stuff, but it's quite a bit to juggle: my internship, preparing for the holidays and buying a night suit for the wedding we'll attend in Mexico, the summer networking events, social life in general and high guest season in London (why do they come to this rainy place, anyway?), starting to think about the full-time recruiting season, is quite a lot. Add all the hassles of moving, and you get my typical overstressed looks....

Luckily most of it is over (and I must say that it wasn't me doing the bulk of it). It's strange to see what has been our home for the past year almost empty. Tomorrow we'll move into some temporary accommodation with a couple of luggage, and when we return from our holidays in September, in time for a block week, we'll move into a sublet we got for the fall term.

Moving day is also the day when you go through the many materials accumulated during the year: papers, cases, handouts. You end up having to choose which ones to keep and which ones to throw away, since space is very limited. The whole process makes you reflect on the many things that have happened this year, the people I've met, the travels we've done...

The MBA2009s are already in London, looking for flats. Funnily enough, the temporary accommodation we got for the last 10 days of the summer, is the same place that we used for a couple of weeks when we first moved to London, while we were looking for a flat. I guess this closes the circle....will the next cycle be so exciting as this one?

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