miƩrcoles, marzo 28, 2007

blogging from Japan

In my jet-lagged status, i can just throw a couple of lines from my "Lost in Translation" hotel room about how different Japan is from the West. We just arrived in Japan and were warmly greeted (in perfect Spanish!) by the officials at passport control and duties. The trip from the airport to the hotel was shocking: scalextric-type roads, very narrow streets, really high skyscrapers all around. Tokyo is a bit claustrophobic, I might say.

We tried to get out of the hotel and look for a restaurant, but in the Canary Wharf development that the hotel is, this proved a difficult mission. We discovered, however, that there is always a shopping mall around the corner in Japan. Sushi has been a great discovery so far: amazingly fresh, and really inexpensive!!

Today we'll head to the city centre....let's see what awaits for us there!

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At 1:33 a. m., Blogger Gustaw said...

Why you go to Japan?

At 10:59 a. m., Blogger Patxi said...

Good to you.

Me, I have London all for myself :)

Ok, Ok, I admit I am green with envy

Have fun,


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