miércoles, mayo 16, 2007

back online!

Life has been extremely busy in the past weeks, and that has been the main reason why I haven't been able to post anything. Note to all future MBA students: distrust completely those who claim that after the first term, the workload goes down considerably. It doesn't.

In my case, I have been involved in all of the following:

- writing yet another application for an internship (alea jacta est)
- studying for a management accounting exam last saturday
- receiving visits at home over the weekend, with baby included
- working on the final deliverable of our MOB audit project (we audited a nice trendy Indian restaurant in Westminster) and Markstrat (where my team managed to recover and finish third after a really bad start)
- working on other papers: finance cases, accounting assignments, Operations Management simulation report paper...
- going to Dubai for the Middle East Career Trek, and visit some really interesting companies there!
- working on the preparations for the upcoming Spanish Career Trek to Madrid
- interviewing for a possible part-time project next year
- partying at the SANZA party with our South African and Australian classmates (and trying the kanguroo meat at the BBQ!!!)

All in all, I guess this has been one Vínculoof the busiest periods of my life as a student. Now, in order to recover, I will leave tomorrow for Paris in order to take place in the MBA Olympics.

Wish me luck!

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At 4:27 a. m., Anonymous Anónimo said...

Dear Karlitos,

I've been reading your blog now for a while... keep up the good work.

I am currently on the waitlist for class of 2009 and after reading about all of the activities you participate in at LBS (sorry, London Business School) I was wondering...

Does tuition cover all of the school related trips, ie MBAT, Middle East Career Trek, 2YP research travel, etc, or do you have to fund those out of your own pocket?

I may be attending the admits weekend in June, depending if I can get time off my job in China or not. If I do, I hope to meet you there.


At 9:22 a. m., Blogger RusGirl said...

Good luck with MBAT! And keep posting :)

At 12:27 a. m., Blogger Estebane said...

Hi Karlitos,
I have been selected for interview (!!) and now I'm waiting for interviewer's contact details..
Could you tell me something about your interview?
In which language was it conducted?
Which questions were you asked?
How long did it take?
I would really appreciate..Thanks

At 1:39 p. m., Blogger karlitos said...

ok, for your questions:

pasteywhiteguy, the tuition fee does not cover those trips. However, if you think of all the money you are spending on your MBA, then a couple of grand more is not that important (at least, that's my philosophy. If I really thought about all the money I'm spending, I would not enjoy it, and that is not the point).


there are thousands of interview advice posts out there (I think I did one myself some time ago). Expect an English language interview, rehearse your story (why MBA, why now, why London Business School), and there will also be a short impromptu presentation. Nothing that a bit of practice cannot improve! Good luck with it!


At 2:30 p. m., Blogger jeeny said...

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