miƩrcoles, septiembre 26, 2007

holidays are over....

....and we're back with the MBA rush!!

The summer finally had to come to an end. My internship finished, and I departed rapidly to some well-deserved holidays in the Mexican Caribbean and Spain. Cannot say they were not a lot of fun and relaxing!! In Mexico we even attended the wedding of a classmate, and in Spain we divided ourselves between the beach, Valencia and visiting relatives and friends. Batteries are recharged (although one can never have enough holidays!).

So, after just 3 weeks, we are back to the school with a block week (a term-long course condensed into a single full-time week, a very nice innovation at London Business School). With the new schoolyear, the full-time recruitment season starts again. This means that in 3 weeks I'll be interviewing again, but this time for longer term commitments.

Therefore, it is important to develop the right strategy to look for a job. I am much more sure and confident about what I want from a full-time job. After the summer, I have had experience in the sector and know that could do well. A question that remains unanswered is, where would I prefer to work? London, despite being cloudy and rainy since I came back last Sunday, remains a very strong and attractive possibility. Madrid is as well interesting. My background also drives me towards exotic destinations in the Middle and even the Far East, albeit just for a few years.

And of course, one also needs backup plans...especially since, after the financial markets turmoil in August, there is growing uncertainty in the economy, which means nobody knows how many people they are going to hire. So stay tuned for the news!

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