lunes, julio 31, 2006

Apple's appeal huge! I just received my new white MacBook. God, this is a machine! It's gorgeous, very elegant, incredibly fast, easy-to-use....I'm so happy I finally made up my mind!! In principle, this laptop should accompany me throughout the whole MBA in London.

I think I can partly understand the feelings of the hordes of mac fanatics who continuously buy their products, and do proselitism about the brand and the products. Besides, you really feel treated differently than a normal Dell or HP buyer. There is a taste for detail that does not exist with other computers.

I think that I will anyway install also windows XP on it....God, it's even compatible!!


At 9:35 p. m., Blogger Poor boy said...

Does that mean that you have an old, uneeded laptop for a fellow MBA student to buy at a discounted price?

At 10:08 p. m., Blogger divinemissN said...

Glad you like your new MacBook, I'm still very happy with my Powerbook... it was love at first sight and I'm still in love :-)

At 7:58 p. m., Blogger Linda Ackley said...

I very much share your sentiments - I was a PC user for 18 years and just switched to Mac three weeks ago. I have a white MacBook as well. What an amazing computer!!!

At 7:53 p. m., Blogger karlitos said...

hey poor boy, unfortunately this is my only the past I was using the company one! Maybe I can suggest trying at ebay???


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