jueves, agosto 31, 2006

Feeling more oriented???

Orientation Week is over. At least, after the rush for flats, bank accounts, mobile phones and so on, we got some academic stuff. Our first case study, presentations from the Dean, few Professors, some Alumni, current students, and Career Services. We met our Study Groups, and for the sake of privacy, I will not comment on them (although so far the impression has been great). We have also been assigned to our Streams, being D the one where I have fallen.

All in all, I think I have answered some 76 times to the question 'so where are you from?', about 47 'and what were you doing before coming to London Business School?', and 22 'so have you thought about what you wanna do after your MBA?'. I have probably met some 100+ people, putting a lot of effort to remember everybody's names and whereabouts. Since that is obviously impossible, I recommended everyone to go to the pubcrawls and meet me there :). So far, that is where the action has been. And according to the presentations from the Student Association and the current students, that is where the action is going to be (work hard, play hard....rings a bell from AEGEE times ;)

It has struck me, however, that all the people in the Student Association have roles in the Rugby Club. I was considering it (playing rugby), but will that mean that I'll have to get involved in the student-run administration of the School? Maybe the third time is in reality an assembly of school reps discussing academic and other issues?? Will have to check on that one....and still convince my partner that it's a gentlemen's sport.


At 2:45 a. m., Blogger -tvu said...

No wonder the rumors point to Rugby members secretly running the school. It's all true~.

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