lunes, agosto 21, 2006

getting settled

Logistics as planned. I opened my bank account this morning (no HSBC like the majority of folks at LBS, but Citibank, since it allows for easier transfers between Citibank accounts in different countries), and faxed to the state agent all the necessary papers for the landlord. Hopefully in a couple of days we'll get the keys to our apartment, and can start moving in.

Apart from that, I'm off tomorrow back home to sort out a couple of things and visit the family once more.

It is amazing how time is alreadt flying, and the MBA programme hasn't even started yet! With all the arrangements, the pubcrawling, meeting so many new faces...days are really short! I guess it's a good start, and an indication that I'm already having fun and enjoying myself. This is one of the main motivations for me to come here, as well, so score!