martes, noviembre 14, 2006

weekend review

Finance assignment is almost over!! Who would have told me some months ago that I would be evaluating the financial feasibility of the Boeing 777 and the Airbus A-380 projects. Indeed, I have to say that it's really cool to do a case on products that raise so much media attention. And to deal with real, uncertain data, changing every other day (especially in the Airbus case).

But let me recap what happened over the weekend, since there have been quite a few things going on...

First, we had the Strategy Double Session last friday. This was a case on the Strategy of Dell. We had a lecture in the morning, starting at 10, and then the afternoon to prepare a 1000 words document. I must say that my group did pretty well, even though we got a bit of last-minute pressure (what pressure?). After that we rushed into the Windsor castle, the local pub, for a few pints, and ended up at a houseparty of one of my classmates.

Saturday I took the day off the MBA. My parents had come to visit, and I spent the day with them. We visited the Borough market, walked around that area, and discovered the new slides at the Tate Modern gallery. Unfortunately we couldn't try them out (there were hour-long queues!), but we did indulge ourselves in a nice expresso at the 7th floor café restaurant....incredible view of the Thames and most of London!!!

At night, we had something planned. Since also Esther's mom and sisters were here, we went alltogether for dinner. We don't like official mumbo-jumbo, and it was their first 'meet the parents' time, so we went to a very informal albeit great restaurant: the Busaba Eat Thai on Bird Street, very close to Selfridges. Great thai food, nice environment. We continued at our apartment with some chocolate cake and champagne (happy birthday, Esther!!), and then we headed to Rahul's party to say hi to the people and a couple of drinks.

Sunday I also took half-a-day off (apparently the Strategy stress had affected me more than I thought). I also walked around with my parents, paying the n-th visit to Camden town market and discovering there are many shops I hadn't seen. There are many antiquity and furniture warehouses that are really worth visiting. I'm thinking of skipping the next IKEA visit and go to Camden instead ;). We then moved on to St. John's Wood, where we had lunch, and in the afternoon I went home to get my Accounting, Finance, et al. assignments ready for Monday deadline.

One thing is clearer to me now, after this weekend: I had spent too long in the Marylebone-Baker St. area. Of course I want to do well in the MBA, but "the truth is out there". London just offers anything to everybody....

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