miƩrcoles, noviembre 01, 2006

wine & cheese

The wine & cheese club is usually one of the most active clubs in any MBA....and I can understand why....hicks!!! I just came back from an event with 6 zifandels, 3 from California and 3 from Italy (the lat
ter are pretty strong ones, so be careful!!!). It has had some strange effects on Esther, who is currently singing some 80s' songs from her iPod....

Again, I proved that time stretches away when you are doing an MBA. I had classes in the morning (Finance and how to value risk in stocks), a meeting with my study group, some time for self-study Econ for the upcoming midterm test on thursday, I gave a tutorial to some classmates (since I am a bit advanced in that classs), attended a panel event about Business Development roles in Industry (truly interesting speakers from a variety of companies, from Microsoft to Sainsbury's), and enjoyed the wine & cheese event....and even found some time to blog!

One side note if you are thinking about what to do before your MBA. You can do like me old mate Chimo, sell all your stuff and start travelling. If you are in or around Paris, look for bargains at his website...good luck with your Asian experience, buddy! I'll try to
visit you in spring or summer term!!!

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