viernes, noviembre 03, 2006

Weekend excursion: visit to IKEA

Today, together with a couple of friends, we decided to take the car and drive all the way up to Wembley and visit the local IKEA. There is something about this company: consistency. One knows what to expect, and in fact, we found everything that we were looking for. I was happily surprised when we asked for home delivery (the 2m long shelves didn't fit in our car, which was already quite full) and I was told that it would take "at least a couple of hours"!!!! My God, this is delivery speed (compare it with the delivery speeds we had at my former employer in certain areas of Spain....).

When we were driving back in the A5, we found that a lot of Londoners were also in their cars, heading out of the town...oh yes, thy famous Friday afternoon Urban Exodus. In the middle of our conversation, however, we discovered that there was smoke coming out of the engine of the car!! Apparently, the cooling system was not working properly, and it got too hot. Luckily, we just refilled the cooling dispensoir and managed to get home. However, this is going to cost me a trip to the mechanic and some time without a car (and some couple hundred quid.)

But well, our flat at least now looks much more like a home....;)

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