lunes, abril 28, 2008

Some news on the blog....coming soon!!

I'm working on moving this blog to WordPress....still in progress, that's why I haven't posted much lately.

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lunes, abril 21, 2008

some cool marketing techniques

I just found this right outside our house...and I took a picture with my brand new iPhone (yes....after resisting, I finally gave up and got one!!). It emulates the "missing" board notes that people who have lost their kittens or dogs just hang on traffic poles.

One of the things I've been surprised with in the States, is the ubiquity of publicity, and how creative they can be in order to draw your attention (which is one of the most scarcest resources nowadays). One of the most active industries in the use of advertising is the healthcare/pharma companies, maybe because in Europe it is forbidden in many cases to advertise directly to consumers (unless it's for OTC - not prescription needed, drugs).

Together with this, it is funny to see commercials on TV of many different fast-food options (which sometimes are a bit different from reality), and the immediate after commercial is for dieting products, WeightWatchers (r), and miraculous drugs that can help you lose weight....which probably means that the target markets for those 2 types of product are the same (hey, does it also mean that if I have seen them, I'm also in that target market???). Sad...

Apart from all this, NY continues to be really cool. The spring has finally arrived, and Central Park is blossoming. The only bitter note is that time is flying, as usual: only 3 weeks to go before finishing my term here....and the MBA with it. My 2nd year project was handed in a couple of weeks ago, so once I'm done with NYU, it will be all over.

Oh, and on another note, last weekend I attended the 1st Spanish MBA conference. It was a great opportunity to meet with many other Spanish MBA students from other schools, network with them, and have some fun (after a couple of very interesting panels, I must say).

Will this be the future?

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