miércoles, mayo 16, 2007

back online!

Life has been extremely busy in the past weeks, and that has been the main reason why I haven't been able to post anything. Note to all future MBA students: distrust completely those who claim that after the first term, the workload goes down considerably. It doesn't.

In my case, I have been involved in all of the following:

- writing yet another application for an internship (alea jacta est)
- studying for a management accounting exam last saturday
- receiving visits at home over the weekend, with baby included
- working on the final deliverable of our MOB audit project (we audited a nice trendy Indian restaurant in Westminster) and Markstrat (where my team managed to recover and finish third after a really bad start)
- working on other papers: finance cases, accounting assignments, Operations Management simulation report paper...
- going to Dubai for the Middle East Career Trek, and visit some really interesting companies there!
- working on the preparations for the upcoming Spanish Career Trek to Madrid
- interviewing for a possible part-time project next year
- partying at the SANZA party with our South African and Australian classmates (and trying the kanguroo meat at the BBQ!!!)

All in all, I guess this has been one Vínculoof the busiest periods of my life as a student. Now, in order to recover, I will leave tomorrow for Paris in order to take place in the MBA Olympics.

Wish me luck!

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