jueves, diciembre 21, 2006

holidays, finally....

It's been a really frenetic period....so busy, that I haven't blogged for almost 3 weeks! In all this time, a lot of things have happened: finals (all good), parties (amazing Santa Pubcrawl, I promise a full post with pictures from that party and from its follow-up, Santa on wheels!!), farewells (including cocido madrileño at Josete's, followed by an afternoon of mus cardgames and GTs)...and so, now I'm back home in Valencia enjoying my hometown, relaxing after all the stress, spending some days of doing basically nothing. One of the greatest pleasures on Earth!!!

It is also the time to look back (with no anger) and reflect on what the term has been all about. I thought there was no stress, but now that I'm not busy, I can see that it was full of activities. Academically, I have learnt a lot. Personally, I have met a lot of new, very interesting people. And professionally, I think I have learnt the most...all the presentations, club events, panels, etc. were there for a reason!! I know what I want now (more or less, these things are never dogmas....)

Now it's time to wish everybody a good holidays, some rest, merry Christmas if you celebrate it, and a Happy New Year 2007 that will bring you all the best. And for the R1 admits, congratulations, and good luck to all the applicants!!!

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sábado, diciembre 02, 2006

a day off....

Accounting can wait. So can Strategy. I have decided to take a day off school duties. We started by cleaning and housekeeping (a much needed thing, especially since we'll have guests for the next 10 days), then I indulged in some aimless internet browsing, chatting with old friends over the IM, and now I'm going to go for a walk in regent's park before it gets too dark.

And later, i might swim a bit before joining the LBS Spanish Alumni cocktail & dinner.

I guess some times one needs a break in order to breath, and also a step back to reflect of what has been accomplished so far. In my case, I cannot be happier with the decision I took to do an MBA. Maybe I'm not working towards becoming a VC (since I'm not convinced about my future perfect career path yet), but I'm enjoying my time enormously. Maturing, Growing, Learning...

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