domingo, mayo 28, 2006


Last weekend I went to the "Feria de Córdoba". A nice, andalusian, party weeekend. The group was nice: my girlfriend Esther (being hold in the picture), me, and another couple from Madrid, best friends with Esther.

Cordoba was the capital of the Muslim kingdom of Al-Andalus, and its historic centre has been awarded Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO. The nicest part of the weekend, to me, was to walk around the Jewish Quarter ("Juderia"), getting lost in its narrow streets of white houses.

But not only that!! Cordoba, like most of Andalusia, is best known for its "tapas" and laid-back attitude. People will go at noon to a bar or terrace and have a couple of cold beers with some snacks, like this awesome 'tortilla española'....yummy!

Of course, the night was 200% party mood. We went to the area of the 'Feria', were the different associations, university schools, bars and nightclubs, the townhall, the political parties....the "All Cordoba" had their own hut, their own music, and a bar where everybody could get drinks.

Of course, in the South of Spain, every second song is a 'sevillana', so we started practicing in order to be able to teach everybody at London Business School how to dance them...

All in all, a great weekend. The only downside, maybe, is that we had planned it for the same days when the Admits Weekend was taking place in London, with all my future fellows there. But at least I managed to relax after all the stress from the application process, scholarship applications, farewell from my employer....and get some energy for the whirlwind of activity that is going to start now, planning the move to London at the beginning of August!!

On a side note, I completed my application to a few LBS scholarships. The awards will be going out by mid June, so a lot of uncertainty about my financials until then.

jueves, mayo 18, 2006


Uff....never thought that after the whole application package, the scholarships applications look even worse!!

Once again, look for diplomas, transcripts, recommendation letters, prepare essays, go to the courier and send urgently (25 minutes before the courier closed: a new record!!!).

Anyway, for the moment it's been sent! Next week, more to come. This weekend, although there's the Admits Weekend at the LBS, I had already planned to go to Cordoba for the Feria, a lot of partying and relaxing after the good news of last week!


martes, mayo 16, 2006

I'm IN!!!!

The word is out, finally....I'm IN!

It's a great feeling, when you get that blessed email...and just by reading the subject line, you already know that it brings the hoped for news: an admissions offer.

I cannot say but that I feel really relieved. Now I can concentrate on scholarship & funding, and on managing my departure from my current employer.

Now it's time to party, though! Write you when the hangover goes away....


sábado, mayo 06, 2006

off we go

ok, looks like after so much blogreading, so many forums at visited (and contributed :), so many essays, the reference letters and the waiting....i guess the only thing that I was missing was to have my own MBA blog!

So, here I start it. I will chase my thoughts and follow them, about everything and anything. I guess, since now it's time for admissions still (I don't have an admission yet!), that most of them will be MBA-related, but I can't assure you that I will not blog about anything else: travelling, friends, politics, books, or whatever!

Just to give you the scenario: I'm waiting for the confirmation from LBS (that should come next friday at the latest), and I am just about to send my application to INSEAD for the Jan 2007 admission round. On the job side, I just received an offer to go to Shanghai with my company and be an internal consultant there. So, in any case, I will soon be leaving Barcelona, the place I live now with my girlfriend, and my current job, running the Supply Chain of a major home domestic appliance manufacturer.

I'll keep you posted! (hey, i never thought about this sentence in a blog....funny!)