jueves, agosto 10, 2006

last from Spain

We just came back yesterday from our great (remark: really great!) holidays in Greece (thanks, Katerina, Aliki and Matina!!). Just unpacked and set up a couple of washing machines, and tomorrow we are supposed to move to London!! Of course, if those terrorists (and the fuzz that they have generated) allow. Thanks God the police and security forces stopped them before they could attack.

I guess next post will be from London....can't wait!! Even though I have felt a bit of anxiety lately, it is due to the change that is coming up in my life; I'm not at all questioning whether I took the right decision. I did. But i'm stressed because of moving abroad again, all the logistic arrangements (phone, bank account, and yes, flat!), leaving my job to become a student again...well, I hope that at least the logistics will be so easy as they have been for Angie!

(side note: acceptance letter from INSEAD just arrived. It can't compete against London Business School though)