jueves, noviembre 23, 2006

a note on workload

Before coming to the MBA, I read many times that the approach in all the top business schools is to throw more work at students than what is humanely (?) possible to do, so that people learn "the hard way" how to prioritize, manage time, and be more efficient. The rationale is, managers need to be very time efficient, and this is a risk-free environment to learn it. There are many urban legends about days until 3a.m. at school, endless assignments (mixed with study group dysfunctional behavior), and 500 pages of readings per week...

Well, this is a myth.

Maybe it's due to Al's theory that we MBA2008's don't have MOB (Managing Organizational Behavior) in the autumn term. And yes, I have heard that this course is very time-demanding, including a group project for an external company that requires a lot of field work.

Maybe I've already become very efficient, without even noticing it (although yes I've been hinted that I'm a bit stressed a couple of times, and I admit I was). I doubt this one, you can't change years of procrastination, disorder and bad organization in 8 weeks. Not to mention my love for oversleeping...

However, I must say that I'm pretty much enjoying my time. I enjoy courses (and attending them)
. I gave up pretty early on all the recommended readings, and focus on the case preparations and the assignments. And, even if I don't have that much free time, I still manage every once in a while to go out for dinner, for a walk, to Camden town, or even to Spain ;). Maybe the novelty keeps me energized...

The next term looks attractive already: MOB, milkround, trying to get an internship.....looking forward to it!


At 8:59 p. m., Blogger Al Martine said...

:) For the record 99.9% of MOB is very, very simple ... it's doing the report that is a royal pain - and takes a good bit of time.

I'm glad you guys are doing well.



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