martes, febrero 06, 2007

and there goes another application...!!

yes, another one!! So far the internship search has not been very successful. Have some 3 interviews lined up this week, but if they fail....I still have not heard from any other firm!!

I didn't know this period was going to be this stressful. You see people on campus on suits, usually with sad faces (after pressure interviews). Don't know many people with offers yet, although rumor has it that some banks have already extended some.

Of course they told us that the so-called 'milkround' provides summer internships for only 30% of students....but one always thinks that s/he won't be in the other 70%!!!

So, have to come up with a backup plan. Industry companies, are you there?? the London Business School Summer Consulting Team is another good idea, although competition to get a position in it is at least as tough as for a position in a major consultancy.

Worst case scenario, I could explore some opportunities in Entrepreneurship...although that does not pay the bills!! Or just take a loooooooooong holidays and recover from all this stress :))))

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