lunes, enero 08, 2007

back in London!!!

After 2 weeks of holidays back home in Spain, and a week skiing in the Alps (probably the only place in Europe with snow enough to enjoy winter sports), I am back in London. Back to cold weather (compared with the 18-20 degrees that I used to have in Valencia, although I admit those figures are pretty unusual), darkness after 4pm, rain and drizzles every hour, and business school!!

It is so-called Milkround time. This week, we don't have any lectures, just presentations by corporate partners of the school, followed by networking cocktails. Hordes of students fighting for airtime around experienced consultants, investment bankers and industry executives, in order to extract the ultimate application tips and exchange business cards. Interesting presentations, though. And a lot of application work ahead (business idea #x: how about a single application database for business school internships?? why do we have to fill up soooooo many online forms?? is there no way to just do it once???). Apart from that, I should start preparing the term work, review the five new binders and refresh Finance in order to be able to do the homework for next week.

On the personal side, it is strange to be home alone. E stayed in Spain (she really has a dream allows her to really manage her time the way she likes), so I'm trying to arrange some dinners for this week. Don't feel like cooking at all...

PS: Feliz Año Nuevo 2007 a todos!!!

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