martes, febrero 13, 2007

London Business School Interview Invites out!!

Congratulations to all the applicants who got an invitation for an interview. You're almost in. Now, take your time, do your research and preparation, and stay calm. I suggest rehearsing (have found that it works also for internship interviews, as I am doing now).

Besides, do read the forums (like and all the application advice out there. There are even wikis with some common interview questions.

Don't forget that your final objective is to become and MBA2009, and you're quite close right now!!


At 11:08 p. m., Blogger RGILL said...

I just got shortlisted for a London Business School interview.
When you say you are almost in, what does that mean? What are my chances starting in %age basis to get in now. How many candidates do they eliminate in the interview?
Would really like to hear your comments.


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