viernes, febrero 09, 2007

pearls of wisdom

Just had one of my wisdom teeth extracted. In the middle of applications, interviews, presentations and the upcoming Finance final exam, I just flew to Valencia to go to the dentist. It all has gone well except for some nerves before the operation and a bit of uncomfort now.

Still, coming home feels good. It's been a really sunny day, some 16ºC (max is 22ºC, in February!!). Unfortunately, having the mouth almost paralised with the anesthesia means I cannot enjoy Spanish food as much...:(

Anyway, this gives me time to catch up with reading, start preparing the Spanish Career Trek to Madrid in May (which I am co-organizing), and continue getting ready for my many crack-a-case interviews next week. Any advice on how to solve them will be appreciated...

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At 6:09 p. m., Blogger acheca said...

Cheer up Carlos! At least you can enjoy family and Spanish weather ;)

And good luck with you interviews!!

At 8:19 p. m., Blogger MBA Pirate said...

Hang in there..fin ally you need just one offer.
Best wishes

At 11:30 p. m., Blogger karlitos said...

thanks for the support, guys!!

Fortunately, I'm already feeling better (although my cheek looks like a balloon still)...

Interviews are not looking bad...although no offer yet, there are some quite good prospects!



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